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Denise’s “Master Yoga Immersion Series” is a bold, intense yet balanced journey focused on giving you a very specific set of foundational and advanced yoga practices. There are eight episode in this series, and each episode is 30 minutes. You can practice one episode at a time, or in sequence if you want to go deeper.

She is a revolutionary yoga teacher, artist, performer and kick ass mom. Denise has lived her life studying, practicing, inspiring and teaching to countless yogis.

Denise has an innate ability to see people through their chakras and to address the individual in the context of a class or group training…always moving the focus away from her as a teacher and insisting it stay on the student’s personal development.

Her classes are highly-informative and motivating, taught in a fun atmosphere that allows yogis to ease into knowing themselves, while being thrust into loving themselves.

Her philosophy on yoga is this; “Do the hard stuff on the mat and the rest of life will feel effortless.”

Denise lives in Bali with her son Charlie,  teaching classes, workshops and trainings at The Yoga Barn, and around the globe. She is the director of One Song Yoga teacher trainings, empowering leaders to teach the sacred.