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This style of yoga varies from teacher to teacher, and is often considered a hard workout-style of yoga.

Denise also sees Power Yoga as an opportunity to step outside of your practice habits and allow some new challenges to come your way. Trying new poses and variations keeps practice interesting and our minds and ideas young. It allows students to develop a sort of training ground on the mat to face challenges, whether it’s a complicated pose or transition, while breathing calmly. This practice is exactly the kind of skills we need to cultivate in order to stay calm when faced with challenges in our everyday and not-so-everyday lives.

It would be better served to call it ‘Spiralling From Your Centre of Power Yoga’, as the techniques involved support you in moving from your center, trusting your ground and allowing the rest to follow along for the ride.

Each Power Yoga class with Denise is different, always has a lot of super fun and unique sequencing with room for learnable moments. Denise loves to take requests, whatever you are working on is what she is interested in; and helping people get to where they want to be in a fun and safe way is what she does best. It’s a sweaty workout as well as uplifting and a little bit addictive.


Yin Yoga is becoming increasingly popular as people are experiencing the benefits of these long held positions. It is the perfect compliment to any other strenous activities you do, not just yoga.

A typical class consists of a sequence of poses that might focus on the hips, the spine or even the shoulders. Poses can be held anywhere from 2-10 minutes and are done in a way that allows for finding your edge and sitting in it, without trying to fix it. Relaxed muscles, calm breathing and a quiet mind all set the stage for recreating suppleness in the joints and connective tissues.

For years Denise has been including a sequence of myo-fascial release techniques prior to the yin portion of the class in order to make a more receptive body for the Yin Yoga practice.